Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Common Beards

Today we feature two very similar beard styles. One takes a more manicured approach while the other is a little more wild. These two beards are brought to you by Hassan and Kyle.

This beard is a very classic, finely shaven goatee look. Not all goatees have a connecting mustache, nor is the additional soul patch required. However, here we have all of that wrapped up into an excellent beard package.

This type of goatee gives off an air of wisdom to the wearer's face. Not only does it make you look a bit older, it also tells people that you care enough to take the time to make your beard look good and proper. A quality beard often means a quality person.

If you compare this to Hassan's goatee, it's likely you'll see some distinct similarities. Soul patch? Check. Connected mustache? Check. Even the chin part serves the same purpose. It just looks a little more wild and unpredictable.

It's interesting to look at these two beards and think... One is shaven, one is full and relatively unshaven. However, the root of the beard is the same.

Perhaps when Hassan's style was originally invented, it looked quite like Kyle's and the wearer only felt it necessary to shave his cheeks. Who knows how beards are formed or if they're all completely random happenstances, but there's no doubting the similarity between these two.

Until next time!

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  1. this is great jeff! I really admire Hassans beard. keep it up